John Shredman supprised to Discover that it doesn't mean shit when he says,

"I read it on the Internet".

Screaming Baby

John Shredman was supprised today when he accidently ran into some facts, "I couldn't believe what I was reading, could it be that the Internet isn't always telling the truth?" John went on, by saying, "I mean what's next, did we actually land on the Moon? Was it just crazy people performing an act so unexpected and barbaric on 9-11 that we were caught with our pants down? Cheney isnt part of the Illuminiati? You know the Illuminiati, the shadow orginazation that has been trying to take over America since before it existed?" John then sat in stunned silence for a few moments before looking at the sky and shouting, "My god am I the Sheeple I've been screaming about?"


Sorry I spelled Johns' name wrong too, apparently he is a Grammar Nazi as well as a Dweebie.




Fuck you, John, just fuck you!








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